Tour Grading




On these tours, the daily mileages will be relatively high and the roads will be technical in nature, including hairpin bends. However, we believe they are still suitable for a broad spectrum of abilities and are pillion friendly. On these tours, there may be a cultural side to the tour including visiting tourist sites or sightseeing etc. but you can still expect to be on the bike for up to 6 hours a day. All types of bikes 600cc and over are welcome.



These tours are for those who want to ride their motorcycle on challenging twisty roads and that understand that the emphasis of the tour is purely about riding your motorcycle on fantastic roads through stunning scenery. Although we take a fairly laid-back approach, stopping for regular coffee/rest stops and we always stop for lunch, you can still expect to be on your bike between 6 to 8 hours a day on these tours. You should be a confident rider and your pillion (if applicable) should be comfortable with the daily mileages. All types of bikes 600cc and over are welcome.



These tours should be looked upon as an adventure. The emphasis of the tours is purely upon riding your motorcycle on often the most technical roads in Europe. You should be an experienced rider and be confident about riding in all weather conditions and on all sorts of road surfaces. You can expect to be on the bike between 8 to 10 hours a day. With regards to bringing a pillion on these tours – The pillion needs to be experienced and should regularly go as pillion otherwise they are not going to enjoy the tour.

We do not feel that cruisers style bikes are suitable for these tours. Because of the technical nature of the roads, we have had cruisers that have really struggled to keep pace with the main group. However, we would be more than happy to accept cruiser style bikes on the understanding that if you couldn’t keep pace with the main group you would split off and make your own way to the hotels. (Our tour pack contains everything you need to self-navigate.)



These tours really speak for themselves, they are true adventure motorcycling! You need to be comfortable with long daily mileages and all types of terrain and road conditions, but most importantly any participant needs to have a real sense of adventure, be up to the challenge and needs to understand that the unexpected may and often does happen on these tours! It is not uncommon to encounter unpaved roads, sand and fire tracks on these tours.

Cruisers are not permitted on these tours.